. . . they labour in vain that build it. " Psalm 127:1

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Getting Started

As I play around with this blog, trying to figure out what I am doing, my three month old baby is in the swing crying telling me she would rather I be holding her than typing with two hands. My three year old is running around without pants because he "accidentally" wet his pants - again. My older kids are watching me, more interested in what I am doing than in cleaning the kitchen. And, my garden is waiting for me to come and finish planting the lettuce. I suppose those are all the reasons I figured I never had time for something like this. I guess I've come to the point where I figure I will just take a few minutes for myself since all that will still be waiting for me when I am done. So, we'll see how this goes! Who knows, maybe it will inspire a couple of my kids to start writing more!

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